Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Hinerangi Fiafia writing...

Walt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.

Have you ever been to a Fiafia event before at your School? Well I have. At our School we have our Fiafia event every 2 years, but this year was the best Fiafia ever. Everyone was so excited but nervous when they got on the stage. As soon as they walked on stage I knew that they were all shaking but smiling at the same time.

Fiafia is all about people performing on stage which means that you might be performing your own culture performance or maybe do something else. Fiafia was on Thursday the 7th of April. The Fiafia event was on the field outside but last time it was in the hall. The people I bring with me was my whole family, Friends and some of my Cousins.   

The group I was in for Fiafia was the KapaHaka group. We all danced to different traditional Maori songs called Whakataka, Utaina, Ka Pioioi and the Haka. The reason why I chose Kapa Haka was because Kapa Haka is my culture name. My whole group was practicing for 5 weeks. The week after that everyone had to show our amazing tutors the whole performance. They were the best tutors ever because they taught us everything they knew.

My favourite performance was the Junior to Senior Hip Hop group. The reason why I chose the Junior to Senior Hip Hop group was because everyone showed a lot of encouragement and they all performed well. I also chose this group because my little sister Precious was in it. I didn’t only like this group I liked all of the groups who performed that night.

My favourite thing at the Fiafia event was watching everyone perform and eating the food. Also I liked performing on stage and doing a lot of other things with my tutors. This year's Fiafia would of been the best Fiafia event ever. I hope you guys like reading my story...  

Task Description:

For this presentation we had to talk about the day we had Fiafia. We also had to talk to our teacher to see if we were aloud to make a link so I did. This year was the best Fiafia ever since Fiafia started. I really loved Fiafia because everyone did real well on Thursday the 7th of April...

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