Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Hinerangi Mr Goodwin's car...

WALT: write a story about Mr Goodwin's Car.

ZOOM!!! ZOOM!!! Went Mr Goodwin’s car. Did you know that Mr Goodwin bought a new car? His car has a Coffee machine, a Television and 2 cup holders in the front to hold his coffee. Every Time Mr Goodwin is in his car he would always turn on some music and sing. Mr Goodwin has 8 seats and his friends would always make him laugh when he is driving. His car is as Black as Black Widow, He also has Green and Brown colours on the side of his doors when he is walking in and walking out. The cost of his car was more than buying a house.

One day Mr Goodwin was strolling around Panmure and when he was strolling he saw a Black car so he bought it. When he was driving he beeped the horn a few times and had a coffee, he would put his coffee in his cup holder, and listened to some blues music. Since Mr goodwin goes to places he wants a 8 seater car his friends was screaming and laughing. They were so excited because he bought a car that had 8 seats in it. He invited his friends and luckily there were seven of them they were: Mr Moran Miss Lavakula, Mr Sommerville, Mr Baxindine, Mrs Moala, Miss West and Mr Burt. The car was as green and brown as forest nothing could be seen in his car. His car was like nobody could see him outside his car. It was also a shiny river blue. That would of been my dream come true.

Task Description:

For this presentation we had to use our imagination for what Mr Goodwin's car would look like. We all tried our best. We had to swap chrome Books every time we would write a sentence. It was really hard. From Hinerangi...

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