Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Immersion Assembly

Have you ever been to an immersion assembly before? Well early this morning teams 1 - 5

had an Immersion assembly, that had told us what the theme was all about. This term everyone will be studying music.

Our school theme is called Musical Madness. Team’s 1 - 3 will be learning to create their own music well as their own Instruments, by using different kinds of materials. Team 5 will be doing something similar to what we are doing but a bit different.This term is going to be heaps of fun.

Team 4’s topic is all about creating our own music & making our own instruments. Team 4’s movie was really funny & incredible. The teachers were cruising around in a vehicle playing all different kinds of popular music tracks (but some of them were too old school for me to know). The tunes were funky & the teachers were hilarious.

This term I really hope we get the chance to design & create our own instruments as well as to listen to so many awesome & fantastic music tracks. What do I want to learn this term? What I really want to learn this term is having to learn how to play the piano & Guitar as well as so much more incredible instruments.    

I think that this new term’s theme is really interesting, as we do get to listen to music more than we usually do. This term's theme is going to be really exciting for me & especially for many others. I am really looking forward to be creating & designing our own instruments well as making our own music tracks.  

Task Description:

For this task Room 7 literacy had to do this task & complete it today. This is called Immersion Assembly If you have never done or been to an Immersion Assembly before then please fee free to check this out. This will be so good for people who had never been or have gone to an Immersion Assembly!

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