Saturday, 4 August 2018

Explanation Writing:

The information I am about to tell you is all about the benefits of physical activity. These are some great tips about how we can be better at staying healthy and stronger for the future. Benefits of physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health.   

Being physical can help you with tons of things especially because it  helps you with staying healthy. Eating loads of fruit and veggies is 2 of the main things you should be eating everyday as it can help you reduce the risk of having heart disease, high blood pressure and cancers for the future. Everyone should be drinking water as it’s technically what’s making us move around a lot, water is what everyone should be drinking as it’s a 100% healthy drink and is what helps us move around a lot. Be physical, stay safe and eat/drink plenty of veggies, fruit and water.   

Another way of being physical is getting a lot of exercise. Everyone should be doing 30 minutes worth of fitness/exercise per day and drink plenty of water. If you have chosen to do a whole week worth of exercise the amount of time you should be doing is 300 minutes throughout the whole week. Getting this amount of exercise will actually help you lose weight in just in a week. Exercising a lot can help you with staying healthy and it’s what we do everyday after lunch, which is what I kind of enjoy but it does help me a lot.

Last but not least physical activity can help you with how you feel and all the moods you are feeling at the moment. Physical activity can help you with stress, emotion, being angry and much more. This is what helps me a lot when I’m stress, due to physical activity I have been acting a lot weirder than usual but it has never stopped me from finishing my work. Physical activity can help you a lot and is what helps me and my friends actually.  

The elements written in this template is obviously all about the benefits of physical activity. All elements were also based on how it helps the brain and the body. Physical activity is the most important thing to improve your health and reduce all the risks of catching something bad. Physical activity has plenty more of reasons why we should be doing this to improve our health and much more. I really hoped you learned something really great and that you’d try a few of the tips written in this template. Thank you and god bless.

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  1. This is really well written, Hinerangi. Not sure about the 300 minutes. I think you may have miscalculated that, however this is not for maths. Your paragraphs are well structured, and you use your capital letters and punctuation well too. Great work.