Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Hinerangi Newspaper tower...

                  Walt: write a recount about our experience.

Have you ever built a tower using Newspaper before? Well believe it or not this is what we had to do in class. I was wondering why Mr Goodwin was playing with Newspaper by the way. Suddenly I noticed something, I knew that something was not right until we got into our Literacy class.

Mr Goodwin had told us to get into 6 - 7 groups. Mr Goodwin was handing out Tape, Newspapers and Scissors. I felt dizzy. Bethan had gotten the Newspaper, Scissors and 1 piece of tape. Some of us were getting ready to build and plan.   

As we were building our towers Mr Goodwin was giving out more tape for the Tower. It was hard work. While we were building we had time to add more tape and Newspaper to the Tower, As we added more and more Newspaper our Tower began to fall over Maria’s head, It was so funny. When we got to the end Mr Goodwin had given us 2 minutes more to build our tower. We had no chance of winning, So we just left it.

In class I learnt how to build a tower using Newspaper, I thought that I would change some of the Ideas like the platform and skinnier sticks to build our tower with. When I was creating my tower everyone looked like they were having lots of fun as well as having fun.

Task Description:

For this task we had to work on a hard experience that maybe not most people have done before. In class we had to create a story that matches our experience witch was Newspaper tower. I have chosen to do this experience with my team members so that I do not have to do nothing. So our experience was to create a tower using Newspaper.

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