Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Hinerangi write a recount...

WALT: Write a recount.

Have you ever wondered what It’ll be like if you sprint before you come into class before ? Well believe it or not this is what Mr Goodwin had made us do. I was not surprised.

The first thing we all had to do was to put our Chromebooks away and line up into 2 lines with our shoes on, I was surprised. At first I did not know what we were doing until we got to the goal post. I thought Mr Goodwin was being silly. Unfortunately not.

As we got to the goal post Mr Goodwin had told us all the Instructions. The Instructions was to sprint to the goal post and back, It felt strange. As I was getting ready my friends got a bit frightened when Mr Goodwin had said go, I got a bit frightened as well.

GOOOOOO went Mr Goodwin, Zooming past Trendy as I raced all the way for 3rd place, I was extremely exhausted. When I got to the Goal post I had nearly tripped over and landed on the grass, I was really scared. When I was running I tried blocking Trendy from getting past me at the goal post, But she had just beaten me at the end. I was still proud of myself.

3 minutes after we were finishing our run Mr Goodwin had putted us into 2 groups, I was in group 1. As we were getting sorted I felt a lot better after we had a drink of water, Especially after that sprint. It was extremely boring. I felt so happy to be back in class again.

Task Description:
For this task we had to write a recount writing about what we were doing. When we were running we had to be sprinting and having to be Quiet. As we were running I thought everyone was beating me until I got to the first goal post. I thought we were all trying hard.     

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