Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Week 3, Day 4: Like a Scene Out of a Movie - SLJ

DAY 4: Like a Scene Out of a Movie

Activity 1: The Southern Lights [4 points]
Once in a while a very special event takes place in New Zealand. It is a show of beautiful,
bright lights that appear in the sky over the South Island. The lights are called the ‘Aurora
Australis’ or ‘Southern Lights.’ They are similar to the ‘Northern Lights’ that are often seen
in places like Northern Canada, Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The southern and
northern lights are so stunning that they often leave people, who are watching them,
For this activity, you are to write a short acrostic word poem about the beautiful lights.
Hazel has written an acrostic poem about summer to give you an example.
S - Sun outside,
U - Umbrellas in the sand.
M -  My friends and I, having fun,
M - Making sandcastles,
E - Enjoying ice cream on a hot day,
R - Racing to the beach!
On your blog, use the word ‘LIGHTS’ to write an acrostic poem about the Southern
Lights. Be as creative as you can!
For more information and examples of acrostic poems, check out this poetry website.
L - Luminous, Sky
I - Incredible, Bright lights
G - Glorious Glow
H - Heavenly, Rich, Shine
T - Tumbling, Rainbow, Shine
S - Soft, Smooth, Glowable, Colors of the sky
Activity 2: The Seven Sisters [4 points]
In the middle of winter, a very special cluster (group) of stars appear in the sky over New
Zealand. This cluster is called the ‘Matariki star cluster.’ It re-appears in the sky each
May/June and signals the start of the Māori New Year. Many songs (waiata) and stories
have been written about the cluster. One of these is called ‘The Seven Stars of Matariki.
It was written by a New Zealander named Toni Rolleston-Cummins. She is from Maketu.
Click here to listen to Toni read her story.
On your blog, write a short summary of the book. What was it about? Try to
summarise the story in 6-8 sentences.
There once was a young, adventurous man who’s name was Mitai. Mitai lived with his
seven brothers in a village called Maketu. Mitai was known as the youngest brother of his
family and was raised by his kororua Tohunga Te Raiwhara from whom he learnt much
magic. Mitai could change and form into a bird and eavesdrop on his brothers conversations.
One day Mitai and his brothers went hunting on, pukemaire hill. Mitai and his brothers
came along to the most beautiful singing, they wanted to discover who and where the
singing came from. As soon as the brothers discovered who the wahine were they
immediately fell in love, all except Mitai. The brothers bought the wahine back to their
village Maketu where they would become husband and wife. Mitai did not like his brothers
wives as they didn’t take part of their village lives, choosing instead to comb their hair
and singing. Mitais brothers no longer went hunting only leaving the whare to collect kai
moana for their wives. The wives refused to eat the kai moana only to eat something
besides seafood. Mitais brothers no longer ate, looked after their gardens nor did they
even care for their appearances, they became skinning and their good looks became to
fade away. Mitai become more suspicious of his brothers wives and decided to watch
them all very, very closely. Mitai noticed that the wahine never seemed to leave their
houses. Mitais eldest brother ( Rongonui ) arrived home early from fishing, Rongonui
called for his wife and was nowhere to found. After searching the whare Rongonui
noticed that his other brothers wives were nowhere to be seen by anyone in the village.
A while after that Rongonui asked his wife where she had been, Rongonui’s wife flew
and turned into a terrible rage. Rongo told all the wives how they vanished as for Mitai
his suspicion grew.  
Activity 3: Crazy, Cool Clouds [5 points]
Have you ever looked up into the sky and seen a cloud that had a really cool shape? I
certainly have, and so have dozens of other people. Choose a crazy, cool cloud given
to you down below.
Clouds are formed when small drops of water stick together. To learn more about clouds
and how they are formed, you can watch this cool video. Once you have learned about
clouds, please choose your favourite cloud picture.
On your blog, tell us what you see in the photo. What shape(s) do you see? Be
sure to tell us which picture you have chosen and describe what you see in lots
of detail!
.The shapes I see:
First of all I wouldn’t have a clue of what sort of shapes are in this picture, would you have
an idea of what sort of shapes are in this photo? With a lot of shapes in the world I would
say, there's about 2 - 3 circles and 2 - 3 triangles. I wouldn’t say that I’m perfectly right but
I would say that the circles belong to the nose, paws ( 2 for the paws of the hands and 2
for the paws of the feet ). With the triangles I would say that they belong to the ears of the

What the cloud is:
What I see in this image is a dog or also known as a puppy. The reason why I chose this
specific cloud is because it looked very interesting. Another reason is because I wanted
to try something quite confusing to figure out but incredible to look at. I would describe
this cloud as a cute little puppy as it looks exactly like a puppy and everyone's got to say
that puppies are absolutely cute, soft and cuddly. What would you say this cloud looks like?

Task Description:
For this task I’ve decided to accomplish another day of blogging during this summer
holidays. For the three activities I was to an acrostic poem, write a short summary about
Matariki and the seven stars, last but not least I was to create a short description about the
cloud I chose out of three. For more information enjoy and check out what the post is all
about. Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Kia Ora Hinerangi

    What a fantastic post. You have worked really hard on it.

    Your poem is beautiful. You have used very descriptive language and your poem paints a picture of the Southern Lights in the night sky e.g. language like luminous, smooth and glorious. I felt like reading your poem transported me there. Is this the first time you have written an acrostic poem? I would love to read more of your poetry.

    Your retelling of the Seven Sister is great. Do you enjoy the story? It is one of my favourite Māori myths.

    I can totally see a puppy in that cloud. It looks like the puppy is begging for a treat. I don't know about puppies but my cat is a master at begging for treats. He does a cute meow then rolls onto his back. I can't refuse him treats when he does this. Do you have any pets? If so, how do they ask for treats?

    I initially saw a bunny standing on its hind legs when I saw that cloud.Can you see any cool cloud formations right now? I am looking out my window and I can see a clout that looks EXACTLY like a burger.

    Have a great afternoon.


  2. Greetings Hinerangi!
    Your image looks really beautiful and colorful! If you got this image from Google remember next time to attribute your image. The cloud you choose looks really cool. The cloud I chose was the tornado cloud because it looked really cool.

    Keep it up!
    By Chavda