Friday, 19 May 2017

Hinerangi & Amelia Homemade Ice - Cream...

Have you ever eaten homemade ice cream before? Well this is our side of the story on how me made homemade ice-cream at school. We started off by writing down the ingredients and the equipment we needed to make our homemade ice-cream. Some of the ingredients included sugar, Milk, Ice Cubes and Biscuits. As we read and wrote down the things we needed to make our homemade ice-cream we felt so excited about how it is going to end up like! The whole of Room 7 participated into making our Ice-cream. After we gathered up our ingredients we started to shake the ice-cream inside two ziplock bag, It was hard work! After that Mrs Stickland said whoever is finished sit down and get ready for your biscuits. I made my ice-cream by making it look like a ice-cream sandwich. Then for the final step we opened our mouths CRUNCH!!! It was a no for me sorry! I think we messed up and somehow got the salt inside the ice-cream! But at least it was a great day.     

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