Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Hinerangi immersion assembly!!!

WALT: using exciting language

Today our School’s topic is now called, Now that’s thinking. Team 4 will be learning what kinds of technology we could use and how we could create one of our own technology users.

As I already told you our School theme is now called, Now that’s thinking. Team 1-3’s are learning all about kites, Matariki and plenty of their movies were interesting, Describable and amazing. Team 5 are learning how to fix things and simply learning / creating.  

Team 4 is going to be learning about What kinds of technology did Maori use before Pakeha arrived in New Zealand. Team 4’s movie was all about how we could use technology that goes back in time for us to learn about. The movie we seemed to watch was interesting, Confusing and extremely crazy. I was so confused.

What I was hoping to do for this term was to research many things about Maori tribes which is mainly what we are doing. What I was also hoping to do for term 2 was to find out how we could build things around School grounds and help people that are struggling at building.  

Overall I am so excited for this term’s theme. Now it’s my turn, What are you wanting to learn about in term 2? Have a nice term of term 2.  

Task Description:

For this task we had to select the doc from the class sites and write what we are told to write on our doc. I was to write about what our new topic is about, What our new theme was for term 2 and what team 4 is mainly learning about. The School theme is now called Now that's thinking...

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