Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Hinerangi Castaway - A Survivors Tale...

Walt: Write from the 1st person.
Slowly washing up onto an unknown Island I looked closely around the Island, I was waterlogged and really cold. I feel lonely, Trapped, Scared and really Hungry. I am defeated.

After exploring the Island I start to collect Giant Fronds, Sticks, Wood, Popped boat and Flax. Finally I start to create my ever first Shelter. First I had wanted to find a clearing space for my shelter. I had grabbed the sticks and popped boat to put up first. Sticks go up first and the popped boat goes on top. Fronds, Rocks and Wood will go under and over the shelter. Fronds at the top, Rocks to hold the popped boat and the wood will hold the shelter. Finally that’s done, But there’s more to be done. Food and write a signal to get rescued.   

2 hours later. Walking around the Island I start collecting some of the materials I might need to use for food. Suddenly I have an idea. As I start collecting Flax, Sticks, Rocks and coconuts as well as catching fish I start to create somethings using these type of materials. As I start collecting the Flax, sticks (Long, Hard ) and Rocks I try to create a hook using 3 materials. I had grabbed the Rocks to cut it in half using the Sticks (Long, Hard) and banged it onto the rock. Then I had tied the flax to the Sticks including some leaves and finally you have made yourself a Hook. Coconuts. Finally creating my bowl and Mug I wanted to eat the rest of the coconut before making my bowl and Mug. This was so hard work.     

A few more hours later. Finally I have finished gathering up Sticks, Rocks, Leaves, Seaweed and Wood. My job is to write Huge and Fast so that I get rescued quickly. Using Rocks, Wood and Sticks I write the word HELP / SMS (Save my soul). All I had to do was to select the Leaves and Seaweed to put inside the word to make the people save me to see it clearly.

3 days later. I had been waiting and waiting and waiting.I was determined to go for walks on the beach. Suddenly I heard something coming from the SKY. It sounds like people in Helicopters seeing if there were anybody on the Island. “Help Help Help” “I say loud with a chance of screams”. “Don’t worry we will help you”. (Whistle) what a relieved. I am glad that I am coming home again. It has been weeks, Days even years. “Thank you “Thank you “Thank you. I have had no food no blanket no bed nothing besides Fish and Crabs. I am defeated.      

Task Description:

For this task we had to write a story about castaway - A survivors tale. My Job was to create as many things as possible to survive. I was defeated. Oh and by the way this story is just fake and is not even close to being real. I hope you have been kind to your teachers and that you stay out of trouble meaning as try to be like Tom Hanks on Castaway.

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