Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Most stomach-churning Chocolate ever!!!

Walt: express our personal opinions.

As soon as I collected my chocolate the smell told me the product was Cadbury.

The Turkish Delight chocolate contains Turkish Delight chocolate inside. The Turkish Delight chocolate cost at least $3.99 which is close to $4.

The Turkish Delight chocolate so looked like a chocolate I would eat in class, Unfortunately it was not. The taste of the chocolate tasted YUCK, STOMACH - CHURNING, NASTY and Sickening, IT WAS YUCK!!!. The smell of the Turkish Delight chocolate smelt like (Fake Name) Black cherries. The Turkish Delight chocolate feels hard, Bumpy and Sharp. THIS CHOCOLATE IS HORRIBLE.

I would improve this chocolate by using less gelatin powder and fresh lemon juice. I thought that this chocolate would be so nice but it wasn’t.

I would recommend people to not buy this chocolate because the taste of it was so disgusting and made me get a Stomach ache, This chocolate is so not worth it to be bought. So I would rate this chocolate a 2 / 10, THIS CHOCOLATE IS DISGUSTING.

Task Description:

For this task Room 7 had to do a task called Food Critic - Chocolate. Yesterday Room 7 had a chance to eat 2 pieces of chocolate. My flavored chocolate was Turkish Delight. Turkish Delight chocolate is one of the most disgusting chocolates. I really hated the Turkish Delight chocolate. I am hoping to never do this task ever again.


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