Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Hinerangi Native Birds...

Walt: write persuasively.
What are some of the Native birds you see around Tamaki? Well I think Tamaki needs more Native birds to help  The environment of Tamaki. Let me tell you why we need more Tui’s and Kaka birds.

The reason why I think Tamaki should have more Tui’s is because they have not been well treated by humans and have not been eating proper things around Tamaki. I also think we need more Tui’s because there have not been enough Tuis around Tamaki, Which means a lot of them have been dying. I would like to see some Tui’s because they are really cool and they can talk, I would love to see that.

I think Tamaki should have more Kaka birds because many of them have been in trouble and couldn’t be saved by humans and other members. I also think that Tamaki should have more Kaka birds because I know that the old ones have been dying by eating bad food like Cans, Plastic things, and many more. I really like to see some because they look really beautiful and have lovely colors on them.

I think we need less Magpies as they have been frightening a lot of kids and Parents, That is not funny. I would like to have about some of the Magpies to go as they have been frightening people and it is not that cool seeing them fly above you . I hope to see them all leave as they have been causing a lot of damage around Tamaki.

Why I think we should have more Tui’s and more Kaka birds because they are really funny and they can help other birds with things. I also never wanted to see any Magpies as they have been causing trouble and have not even been sensible once. So I would rather see more Tui’s and Kaka birds instead of Magpies. Hope you enjoyed.

Task Description:

For this task we had to write a story telling our story tellers about Native and Non Native birds. We had to describe what we had to do with our Story and tell them what we actually think about having more Native and Less Non Native. I chose Magpie, Tui's and Kaka birds, I really hate Magpies.

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