Thursday, 27 July 2017

Narrative - Story.

Walt: structure a narrative piece of writing. 

What has happened to earth? Leaving earth me & my friend Jorelle has been flying in space for several days searching for the right place or planet to live on. It was 4017 and the earth is dying. Looking around in space myself & Jorelle starts searching for the right planet to lie on. All we could see was a lot of planets. What are we going to do?

We have now landed. Slowly walking around we had started to explore the planet. Walking around the planet myself & Jorelle spots a bunch of Aliens in the middle of nowhere. Slowly turning around all the Aliens start to chasing after us but we had nowhere to go, The spaceship was nowhere to be found.  

KA BOOM! “Jorelle what are we going to do? There are way too much Aliens crowding us & they are pretty big. “Hey there’s a spot we could hide. Bahhh Haaa Haaa you can run but you can’t hide. Running back to the spaceship I had just remembered that I had left Jorelle behind, We have nowhere to go but to run back to the spaceship. BOOM all the Aliens start to attack us.

“Do not come near me. “Hey you thought I was going to hurt you “said the Aliens. We just wanted to help you. “Hey whatever you're just a big humongous lier. “Hey whatever you need where her o help. What I need is for you to get off this planet “PLEASE. OK, Hey we did it. We have found our new home or our new planet to live on. This Planet is just right. let’s get going shall we. “Hey who did this to our Spaceship. “Excuse me Giant Aliens is it alright if you could fix our Spaceship. 2 hours & 25 minutes later, The Spaceship is now completed. Earth people here we come.

Finally settling in our new home everyone starts to gather up all their gear and create their new home, Luckily all the builders came. I couldn’t have done it without you Jorelle you are the best mate ever. This is the best & coolest planet I have ever been on, and it’s even better because the Giant Aliens are here to help. That’s pretty cool isn’t it. Now we can relax & watch a bit of Television. Who turned off the power?.   

Task Description:

For this task we had to complete this task as it was a really hard time. The writing was a Narrative story which is not a real story. The planets that are up the top is the Earth & my planet, Which is called Circulasen Planet. My buddy Jorelle who I had mentioned in the story named this planet. Thanks for reading & enjoy.

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