Monday, 17 July 2017

WLJ Day 6 activity 1!

Activity 1: Let’s imagine that you were on the first waka to arrive at Shag Point. You had never been to New Zealand before and you had no idea what to expect. Write a poem describing how you would have felt when you arrived in New Zealand. Would you have been excited or scared? I would have felt pretty nervous, I reckon…

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\NZ Map - Schematic.pngDid we bring some towels? I want to have a swim, Where are we going? Is New Zealand a big country, I am getting pretty hot I really want a swim, Here's a good spot I'm gonna go diving. As rain began to pour we need to get moving, The waka's getting wet where getting pretty closer, There's a small house I think we made it today. New Zealand here we come. We will call it our home. BOOOOOM!  


  1. Hi Hinerangi,

    Wow! What a cool poem you have written. BOOOOOOM!

    I think that you have captured the feelings of uncertainty and excitement that many of the first New Zealand settlers likely felt. It was a huge adventure for them to leave their homes and come to a foreign land. I hope that they weren't too scared or lonely when they first arrived. I must admit that I know what it feels like to leave your home and move to a new country. I left Canada in 2010 and moved to New Zealand with my husband and son. It was the first time that I had ever moved to NZ and the whole experience was a bit nerve wracking (scary), however, I was excited for Aronui. I wanted him to be raised in New Zealand, to learn more about his culture and to learn Te Reo Maori (his language). He is part Canadian (like me) and part Maori (like his dad).

    I am so glad that we made the move. Aronui loves it here in NZ and so do I. Moving to NZ taught me that, sometimes, taking a risk is worth it and that great things can happen when you take a leap of faith!

    Great work with this activity, Hinerangi. I'm off to read your activities now for Day #5.


    1. Kia Ora Rachel,

      I also love New Zealand as well. New Zealand is a beautifyl & amazing place. I will be posting my #day 7 tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. I will also still be blogging in the holidays my journey is about to end but it was great fun doing this with you.

      Your's truly,

    2. Kia ora Hinerangi,

      That is great to hear. I'm looking forward to reading all of your posts, both those for the Winter Learning Journey and those that are general holiday posts!

      Keep up the great blogging :)

      Yours truly,


    3. Kia Ora Rachel,

      Thank you for your reply I am also looking forward of posting more blog posts during this last week of the holidays. I am totally looking forward to be going back to school, How about you.

      Yours truly,