Saturday, 23 December 2017

WK 1: In the Beginning, SLJ!

Wk 1: In the Beginning ( 1800 - 1870:
Day 1: Arriving in Aotearoa
Activity 1: The first settlers:)

It is widely believed that the first people to arrive in New Zealand came from Polynesia. Most historians believe that they landed in New Zealand over 700 years ago. Although they were originally from many different countries, these settlers learned to live together and, eventually, formed their own distinct culture known as ‘Māori.’  Māori have their own language, traditions, and culture.

Follow this link to read a short story about a famous man in Māori mythology – Maui. On your blog, post three facts that you learned about this interesting man. What other stories have you heard about Maui?

Stories of Maui:)

- Maui and the sun
- Maui and the giant fish

3 interesting facts about Maui!

Fact 1: Maui's brothers did not believe in Maui until he said I'll prove them all how good / awesome I am.

Fact 2: Maui's mother would always get mad at Maui as she never get's time to finish off her work, which is why Maui got hooked by his brother's ( This description was found on this link here!

Fact 3: Maui was such a good boy as well as a caring & kind sun. He loved his family so very much & had finally noticed that he had to slow down as everyone was getting a bit mad at him, but then he turned out to be a good sun.

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  1. Hey there Hinerangi, thanks for posting these interesting facts about Maui. You seem to have read a lot of stories about Maui. One of my favourite is the one where he slows the sun, I am glad you have included it.

    I like how Maui is much more admirable than his mean older brothers. It really makes you appreciate and respect Maui in the story by comparison.

    Have you ever been fishing?

    Thanks, Billy