Tuesday, 26 December 2017

SLJ Bonus Activity: Women At work

Bonus Activity: Women at Work
Both men and women served in World War II. Many women chose to enlist as nurses and be stationed overseas caring for wounded soldiers. My nana was one of those nurses. She (Dorothy) spent much of World War II working on a large Red Cross ship that was stationed off the coast o
f Cairo, Egypt.   

For this activity, you are going to imagine that you are just like Dorothy and that you are working as a nurse on a large medical ship.

One day you are walking along the deck of the ship when you hear a loud bang. You start to run as you see smoke coming from the far end of the ship. You run towards the room where your patients are waiting to receive treatment from the doctor. Just as you arrive at the door to their room you hear another loud bang and you…

start to run to where I heard the humongous bang. As I was running I could see & hear more bangs coming from the front of the ship. So I ran straight to the front of the ship, as soon as I got there I could see other doctors running & screaming as there were lot's of bombs shooting from out of the sky. Suddenly the Ship started to fall apart & everyone including me that was in the ship had sank. We were all in the middle of nowhere. Swimming to the closest near by there were 3 dolphins & 2 Whales coming our way, everyone was really scared as they all started screaming. As fast as I could I started swimming to the closest near by & 3 of the dolphins swam straight after me.

Suddenly I had started to drown as my arms & legs became to be entirely sore. Swimming straight after me the dolphins had saved myself & my friends & had gotten all of us to the safest near by land. 51 minutes later....

We all thanked the dolphins but unfortunately 8 of us did not survive as the boat did sink & everyone fell in the deepest part of the ocean. We were so grateful to still be alive as the dolphins did save all of us. The dolphins were all great help & all of us said THANKS TO THEM.

Bonus Points: 20

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  1. Dear Hinerangi,

    Wow, what a detailed and emotional story. I found myself leaning into the computer as I was reading it, wondering what was going to happen next and concerned that you might not make it back to shore safely. Thank goodness for those dolphins.

    I was very sorry to read that eight people did not make it safely back to shore. It really must have been a very traumatic experience for the men and women who fought in the wars. I am so grateful that they made the choice to go and to fight for our freedom. I think that we're very lucky to live in a free and very beautiful country like New Zealand.

    I was just admiring the beauty of New Zealand yesterday, actually, as I spent some time with Aronui at a beach called Tawharanui. It is located just north of Auckland, outside of a town called Matakana. It's one of the most beautiful beaches/parks that I have ever seen. Have you ever heard of Tawharanui? If you'd like to see some pictures, feel free to check out this link: