Saturday, 23 December 2017

SLJ Setting Sail

Task Description:

For this task I decided to start a new activity as I felt a bit bored & I really enjoy doing these kind of  activities / tasks. The task's everyone is doing are really enjoyable & fun especially if you get entirely bored in the holidays. Thanks to Rachel and the community for making all of this happen. This task was so fun & my Mum really enjoyed reading my letter, I hope use do too. Please enjoy & stay tunned for more blog posts!  


  1. Hey Sis,

    I love your incredible blog post about the first settlers arriving in New Zealand. This was an amazing post please come to my blog & check it out.I hope you are having fun in the holidays. It is quiet obvious that we are under the same roof so It'll probably be easy for me to tell you in person. Anyways great post & keep on working hard as you usually do.


  2. Hi Hinerangi,

    My name's Ruby and I'm one of the people who will be blogging with you this summer as part of the Summer Learning Journey. It's great to see that you've been working on these activities. Well done!

    This is a really good letter and I liked how you have given us information about the settlers as well. You've talked about them lying down at night and looking at the night skies. Do you know what the Maori voyagers used as a map? It would be great if you could find that out.

    Have you ever been on a boat before? I have a few times but I always get really sea sick so I never enjoy it very much.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog over the summer.