Sunday, 24 December 2017

SLJ Bonus Activity Special Meal:)

Back in the 1800s, most Māori ate a simple diet. They ate foods that they could catch in the water (eg. fish) or grow on the land (eg. kumara). They did not have access to a supermarket to buy food for their meals! Speaking of meals, what is your favourite meal? Mine is wood-fired pizza. Yum!

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For this task we had to post a picture of one of our favorite meals you love / like to eat & write a couple of sentences.
Butter Chicken on Rice:)

Butter Chicken on rice is one of my favorite meals of the day as you can taste so many different flavors & different kinds of sauce's as well. I really enjoy eating Butter Chicken but I hate it when I see other people watch me eat it, which is why I give them some before eating it. The best homemade maker of creating Butter Chicken on Rice is my incredible aunt, she is the best Butter Chicken maker ever. I love the different flavors, different kinds of herbs & it is really healthy. I really enjoy eating Butter Chicken on Rice because my mouth goes mouth - watering. Butter Chicken on Rice is such an amazing meal & I hope it is for you as well. Sorry but I do not know the recipe ( Because my aunt always says, a chef never tells a recipe secret. I hope you enjoy eating it as much as I do & that you just have heaps of fun eating that delicious meal. 

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Bonus points: 8

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  1. Hey Hinerangi, this is one of my favourite meals too. Thank you for posting! I feel like having a butter chicken now. It's really nice with some garlic naan I find and a little bit of spice, but not too much!

    You're lucky you have such a cool aunt to make this delicious meal for you.

    Have you ever tried any other flavours of curry?

    What is your favourite sweet food?

    Thanks, Billy