Tuesday, 26 December 2017

SLJ Bonus Activity: Crossing the Tasman

Bonus Activity: Crossing the Tasman
In 1928, a crew of four men flew, for the first time, across the Tasman from Australia to New Zealand. One of the men on board the Southern Cross airplane was a New Zealander named T.H. McWilliams. His job was to operate the radio in the airplane. Unfortunately, the radio stopped workin
g shortly after take-off and the rain and ice were so heavy that the pilot, Kingsford Smith, couldn’t see out of his front windscreen. Yikes! Fortunately, the plane made it all the way across the Tasman landing in Christchurch after a 14 hour trip.

Imagine that you were a member of the flight crew. Write a poem that describes how you would have felt when you landed safely in Christchurch after such a long trip. Remember, there are lots of different types of poems, and they don’t all have to rhyme. You can read more about different types of poems by clicking here.


After traveling for a very long time
We finally landed at a place near by
The place was Christchurch
& I was with Tristan

It was great to see everybody
& I was standing right next to my buddy
her name is Charlie
she loves to eat Bar leaves

It was awesome to be home
as I really missed seeing the gnomes
I cant wait to see my family
cause they are all very lovely.

Thanks for getting us home safely:)


  1. Hi Hinerangi
    I'm Vedel from Glen Innes School.... What amazing work you have done!!! This is fantastic work!!! Keep it up!!

  2. Hey there Hinerangi, what a beautiful poem you have written about landing in Christchurch after the War. You've done a great job talking about the emotions felt during the journey.

    What other poems do you like to write?
    Have you ever written a haiku?

    Thanks, Billy