Friday, 29 December 2017

SLJ: Making a Fashion Statement:)

Activity 2: Making a Fashion Statement
In the years following World War II, things slowly returned to normal in New Zealand. Soldiers returned home and settled back into regular life; and national sporting teams, like the New Zealand cricket team, got back together and started playing matches again. In the late 1940s, men and women would go to watch these events, men wearing hats and suits and women wearing dresses, hats, and gloves.

Compare the pictures of common clothing from the late 1940s to what you wear now (i.e. in 2017). Are they similar or are they quite different?

On your blog tell us which of the two styles you prefer and why. The pictures above were taken over 65 years ago! What do you think people will
be wearing 65 years from now?


Today I have chosen the kids style as it is more of me & I am still a kid. I would rather prefer the kids style as I've never warn hats like that, I've never seen myself wear a dress in 5 years & I really want to see what It'll be like to be in the 1950's as I've never been in those days before, ( Obviously ). I would also prefer the kids style as it is the kind of clothes I use to wear & is kind of how I used to dress up like. 

I think people all around the world wear clothes like........

T - Shirts, Jeans, Track Pants, Overalls, Shorts, Leather Jackets, Jumpers, Vest, Suits, Skirts, gloves & much more other clothes that I just can't remember / name. So these kind of clothing I think people all around the world wear.

I really hope use enjoyed & I do hope use all stay tuned for more upcoming blog posts, 
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  1. Hey again Hinerangi, I've really enjoyed reading your comments on the fashion in the 1940's. You make a good point about preferring to wear children's clothing because you are a kid, makes sense! To me, the clothing in both pictures looks pretty boring and dull. I much prefer the fashion of today, which is colourful and different. People these days can wear whatever they like for whatever purpose.

    Do you think you would enjoy being a child growing up in the 1940's and wearing outfits like these?

    Thanks, Billy