Monday, 11 December 2017

100 YRS TIME...

In 100 years time everyone on earth will have absolutely no water, grass & very tall tree’s. The world will end & it’ll become so polluted that no human will survive as it can cause a lot of trouble. There will be no buildings / homes for humans to live in, there will be no vehicles & absolutely no buildings. Everyone will have to adjust to another planet as it is getting polluted & really horrible especially for those who are 6 years & younger. There are only going to be 328 parents to help out with the younger ones, 4 army people & 2 ambulance helping out.

The world is about to change & is going to end really soon. In 100 years time I’ll be DEAD. This world will not turn out as bad unless someone thinks really hard & fixes planet Earth. In 100 years time everyone will have moved to Mars & adjusted all the gear we need to make sure we are still alive. All the people that have already past away will turn back to their old selves lucky for me….

I thought of something that no one had ever thought of. I ZOOMED through space & found the object that was destroying our amazing planet…. & .. we did.

The planet changed back to it’s old self & everyone survived including the ambulances, Fire fighters & all the other helpers. Everyone was relieved & it didn’t cause as much trouble, lucky I shot out to space & saved the world. Unfortunately we had to transport all of our gears & bring it back to planet earth. We all made huge progress of getting everyone back home.

2 months later….
The world did not end & everyone got back all their gear from Mars safely we all had a huge party for those who saved the world. We celebrated until we were already to go home.



Task description,

For this task room 7 literacy got the chance to write a story about what will happen in 100 years time. Here is the story of my 100 years time. This was such an easy task to do and I had completed this task just under 30 minutes. This task was really simple and I really enjoyed it. Thank you to Miss Moran for letting us do this task. This was an awesome task and it was fun! 

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